Megan has a passion for helping families with their Walt Disney World vacations. She also enjoys working with clients who are looking to book all-inclusive vacations as well as those interested in luxury and unique resorts. She specializes in working with couples to create special milestone vacations, as well as working with groups of friends who are traveling together to tropical destinations. 

Meet Megan Miller!

About Megan

Hi! I’m Megan! I’m married to Jeremy, who is my favorite person in the world. We have two fun little girls, Roxy (12) and Lauralei (9). We call Augusta, Georgia our home and we love the southern climate! 

My favorite thing about travel is experiencing something new! Food, places,a new adventure...I’m always looking to expand my world! Being near the ocean is vital for me, helping me feel more connected to myself and my creator. I need to feel sand and saltwater between my toes as often as possible. 

I think time together is the best investment you can make in your relationships! I love the sense of refreshment and togetherness that comes from a shared experience. “Things” will come and go, but memories last. 

Every trip you take changes you a little! It helps you see your place in this world a little clearer, even if it is just by getting to know yourself better.

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