AmaWaterways River Cruise 2021

Written By: Travel Advisor, Megan McCoy

Disclaimer: I despise cruises. I am not a cruiser at all: the crowds, the organized fun, being told how long I have in a destination…not my thing. But when AmaWaterways offered amazing rates for agents and a companion, I knew my mom and I had to go! We flew into Amsterdam and spent 2 days by ourselves walking the city and seeing all the sights. Then we boarded the ship and I was pleasantly surprised! With only 85 of us on board, half of the time I felt I was on my own personal yacht. The staff, service, and cuisine were amazing. We were able to see four countries along the Rhine River with the simple ease of stepping on and off the ship and never having to unpack a suitcase. The highlight was the UNESCO World Heritage Rhine River Gorge, lined with castle after castle for hours on end. Heidelberg, Germany, and La Petite France in Strausburg, France were also among the favorite stops. The last stop was the city of Lucerne, Switzerland, surrounded by the Swiss Alps and alpine lakes. I’d recommend a river cruise to anyone, anytime!

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